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We would like to welcome you. To ensure your safety and comfort, we ask you to respect the rules below.

These rules and regulations are issued by SAS MARINELAND, which operates the "Marineland" marine zoo, and the Aquasplash and Adventure Golf parks; they are valid for all these parks.

In the event of non-compliance with any of these rules, the Management declines all responsibility, and will be obliged to invite any offender to leave the establishment immediately without any refund. Park staff are empowered to enforce these rules on behalf of the Management.

These rules are supplemented by a specific notice at the entrance to Marineland Lagoon, Aquasplash and Adventure Golf.



Park days and times can be found on the website



Visitors must act responsibly to protect their own health and safety and the health and safety of those in their care, particularly children, for whom they are responsible at all times, as well as that of other visitors.

Entry to the parks, either individually or in groups, implies unreserved acceptance of these rules and regulations and the specific rules and regulations of each park.

In the event of non-compliance with any of these rules, the Management declines all responsibility and will be obliged to ask any offender to leave the establishment immediately without any refund. Park staff are empowered to enforce these rules on behalf of the Management.

Visitors must (i) read and follow all written rules, instructions, warnings and recommendations, and properly use the recreational facilities and safety equipment, if provided, and (ii) comply with all instructions and directions given by staff.

Visitors who come with dependants who, for reasons of age and/or disability, cannot read or properly understand written rules, instructions, warnings and/or recommendations, must ensure that these are properly explained to them. Park staff can assist you if necessary.



Please note that visitors should check their physical and emotional condition before taking part in any activity.

Park facilities can offer visitors wonderful memories and experiences! Nevertheless :

  • visitors must not participate in any activity under the influence of alcohol, medication or any other toxic substance that may affect their health, behaviour or reflexes.
  • the visitor must not take part in any activity if he or she has, has had or believes he or she has a pre-existing medical condition, health problem or injury, or any other illness or injury that could be triggered or aggravated by participation in the activity.
  • the park does not guarantee the health of the visitor or the health of the visitor's family. Only the visitor can determine whether he or she is physically and mentally fit to participate in an activity safely.




Access title

Anyone wishing to enter the parks must have a ticket. Soiled, damaged or illegible tickets will not be considered valid. Each ticket is valid for one person only and cannot be transferred to a third party during the visit.

Tickets must be retained for the duration of your stay in the parks and presented to staff on request. The parks reserve the right to expel any visitor who is unable to produce a valid entry ticket.

Any free admission for children under 3 years of age must be justified by a document mentioning the child's date of birth (identity card, passport, large family card, etc.).

Minors are not allowed to enter the museum unaccompanied by an adult. Minors are, throughout the visit, under the responsibility of the accompanying adult who must remain on site. Children in groups are under the responsibility of the accompanying adults who must comply with the legislation in force (adult/child ratio, qualifications and skills) and carry out their supervision continuously.

Any reduction in price (students, senior citizens, disabled persons, large families) may be subject to a request for proof.

To leave the parks and return again during the same day, it is necessary to request a stamp on the forearm from the staff present at the exit. The presentation of the initial access pass may be requested on re-entry.

The use of cash is ensured throughout the Park. Notwithstanding, at the Park's points of sale, such as ticket offices, restaurants and shops, there are tills where payment can only be made by bank card or mobile devices. In any case, there will always be at least one till available for visitors to pay in cash, if they so wish. The points of sale will be provided with information panels to this effect. If you have any doubts, please ask the staff of the establishment, they will be happy to help you. 


Compliance with security measures

The capacity of the parks and their facilities is limited for safety reasons. Please refer to the instructions posted at the entrance to each park, and the signs near each activity.

Footwear must be worn (except at Aquasplash).

Refusal to submit to any control at the entrance (bag, metal detector, ID, etc) may justify refusal of access to the parks and/or the call for the police.


Picnic and food

Picnics are prohibited at Marineland and Adventure Golf for safety reasons (glass bottles, knives, alcohol, etc.) and to keep the site clean. A free picnic area is available near the park reception and it is possible to return to Marineland during the day's visit. Only supervised groups (schoolchildren, day-care centres, etc.) can have lunch in an area specifically set aside for this purpose and under the responsibility of the supervisors/teachers/guardians.

Do not eat or drink outside the areas reserved for this purpose.  Do not leave food lying around. A large number of waste bins are available to collect waste.

The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden to persons under the age of 18.


Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the parks. Only dogs accompanying people with disabilities, such as guide dogs, are allowed into the parks on presentation of proof.




Respect for access and restricted areas

  • Leave access and areas reserved for people with disabilities free.
  • Only use the stairs to get on/off the stands. The management cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained by visitors if this rule is not respected.
  • For safety reasons, do not enter the stands (orcas, dolphins, sea lions) with pushchairs or the shark tunnel.
  • Only walk in the park aisles, respect the fences, do not enter the aisles protected by a barrier, do not pass through a door, a trapdoor, a chain or any other protection and in particular those marked: "Reserved for personnel" or "Access forbidden".
  • Do not cross the protective barriers of the pools or enclosures, do not enter the platforms of the pools.


Monitoring of children

Children must be under the constant supervision of the accompanying adult, who must also check that they can access the play areas according to their age.

The park does not have an announcement system to broadcast personal messages.


Prohibited items within the parks

The introduction of any weapon, even dummy or harmless, or of any dangerous object or product is strictly forbidden.

Do not use radios or noisy instruments.

Do not play ball, or use rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles or scooters in the parks.

The sale and distribution of brochures, leaflets or products in the parks' facilities is prohibited, unless prior authorisation has been obtained from SAS MARINELAND.


Rules of good citizenship and courtesy

No spitting, no smoking.

Proper and complete dress is required.

All ostentatious behaviour, political, religious or philosophical demonstrations, as well as all acts of proselytism of any kind, are prohibited.

Out of politeness and respect for others, visitors will not cut the queues or hold a place for another person. They will show respect and wait their turn.

People with disabilities, the elderly and pregnant women have priority.


Respect for the fauna and flora

Visitors must behave in a way that is compatible with the welfare of the animals. It is forbidden to feed, frighten, chase or throw objects at the animals.

Do not use a flash to photograph the aquariums and sharks.

Do not damage the plants.



The Management reserves the right to remove a species from public view or to change the programme of performances, animations and activities without prior notice for reasons of animal health or welfare, safety or to carry out work.

Visitors are requested to respect the instructions given to them during the performances and activities with the animals.



The car parks are subject to a charge and are not guarded, except for the accesses. The parking fee only covers the provision of a parking space for the duration of the visitor's presence in the car parks and does not guarantee the custody and surveillance of the vehicle concerned. It is therefore the responsibility of visitors not to leave any valuables in their vehicle. SAS MARINELAND cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to vehicles and/or objects left inside, in particular due to attempted theft or robbery, acts of vandalism, fires, collisions, etc.

Visitors are obliged to report any accidents or damage they have caused immediately to SAS MARINELAND staff. If necessary, the visitors concerned must draw up an accident report in the presence of the said staff members.

Visitors undertake to respect the Highway Code and reserved parking spaces (PRM, electric vehicles, buses, etc.).

The Management reserves the right to call in the emergency services (fire brigade, municipal or national police) if an animal left in a car needs to be rescued, or to take any action necessary (article 521-1 of the Penal Code) to save pets, including breaking windows.



SAS MARINELAND will not be held responsible in the event of force majeure events requiring the evacuation or closure of the parks.

The management does not make any refunds or compensation, even in the event of rain or bad weather.

In the event of an orange or red weather warning concerning the risk of rain/thunderstorms/flooding issued by the authorities, the parks may be evacuated and closed by order of the authorities. Tickets will not be refunded.

In the event of high winds, the parks may also be evacuated and closed, without entitlement to any compensation.

Some facilities may be closed for technical, weather or organisational reasons.



Any incident or accident occurring on site which may engage the responsibility of SAS MARINELAND must be declared to the duty manager on the day it occurs.


The Management declines all responsibility:

  • In case of theft or damage of any kind to personal belongings;
  • Concerning objects left in the lockers or paying lockers. If you lose your key, please report it as soon as possible;
  • In the event of damage caused by bird droppings.

The Management reserves the right to deal with lost/forgotten items in the most appropriate manner and in collaboration with the competent authorities.



For the safety of people and property, certain areas of the parks are placed under video surveillance. The images are kept for a period of thirty days and can be viewed, in the event of an incident, by authorised personnel and the police.

To exercise your right of access to the images that concern you or for any information on this system, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at or at the following postal address Marineland - DPO - CS 91111 - 06605 ANTIBES Cedex

To find out more about the management of your personal data and your rights, visit the website



Flying over the site by drone is prohibited.

Videos and photos taken within the parks by visitors are for strictly personal use only. Any taking or broadcasting of images or sounds, taken for purposes other than personal (such as commercial, media, professional or other) must be subject to a prior written request for authorisation from the Management of SAS MARINELAND. 

SAS MARINELAND reserves the right to initiate any action of any kind (legal or otherwise) against any person who does not respect this rule.

Photographers are present and can take photos of visitors during their visit if they so wish. These photographs are intended solely as souvenirs for visitors. Unless expressly stated otherwise, these photographs will be permanently destroyed at the end of the day.

These rules are subject to change without notice.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you an excellent visit.

The Management



Animal encounters

Animal encounters