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Encounter with sea lions

Price:  49€
Duration:  20 min
Meeting point:  Sea lions area
Activity animal:  sea lion
Accessible for people with disabilities
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As part of a small group, come and discover a mischievous animal that will win you over and show you how endearing, playful, curious and funny it can be! In the company of two sea lion keepers, you will spend about twenty minutes discovering this marine mammal up close. Fun and laughter guaranteed.

The keepers will allow you to interact with these mischievous animals who are amazing swimmers and very agile on land. In a private area, you'll get to play with the sea lions with a ball and watch them copy your movements... you'll get to feel like a real sea lion keeper for a little while.

Ask all the questions that come to your mind. The animal keepers will be happy to answer them and share anecdotes about their anatomy, their skills, their social behaviour, etc. At first sight, seals and sea lions look alike, yet they are two very distinct animals and the keepers will help you to tell the difference.

These marine mammals are also called "Leoni marini" (Marine Lions) in Italian and as "otaries" in French. You can hear them from a distance. Sea lions are rather noisy and express themselves loud and clear, with roars, barks, bellows, growls and bleats from the little ones. You'll learn how to distinguish the four species that live at the Marineland Côte d'Azur Park, which are Californian, Patagonian, South African and the largest species, the Steller sea lions, which can exceed 1 ton in weight.


  • Marineland admission ticket required to enter the park
  • Access 10 min before the start of the session
  • Activity offered for up to a maximum of 10 people
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied. To accompany their children during the session, adults must also hold a valid ticket for a Sea Lion Encounter.
  • Duration: 20 minutes
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