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Encounter with orcas

Price:  69€
Duration:  20 min
Meeting point:  Orca Fjord
Activity animal:  orca killer whale
Disability Access
  • Descriptions

    Unique in Europe! Meet up just past the Orca Fjord, to discover these black and white sea giants as you've never seen them before! Up close and personal! The killer whale keeper team awaits you for a VIP encounter in a small group (10 people maximum) to learn more about their exceptional skills. During a twenty-minute session, the animal keepers will give you detailed information on their anatomy and behaviour.

    This marine mammal, which is also called the orca, is a member of the dolphin family but quickly grows to more than 2 tonnes in weight! The Killer Whale, or Orca, has about fifty identical teeth but they are not used to chew their prey. These giants' elaborate hunting techniques have earned them the name Killer Whale, yet they love ice cubes and being petted by their keepers. They have a very complex social system, in which the females are in charge, and a very rich communication system, ranging from vocalisations to bellowing. You will learn that although it is at the top of the ocean food chain, the killer whale is also endangered by human activity (such as pollution, overfishing, disturbance, etc.).

  • Requirements

    • Marineland admission ticket required to enter the park
    • Access 10 min before the start of the session
    • Groups of 10 people maximum
    • Not suitable for those under 1.20 m
    • Duration: 20 minutes


    We will do our best to make this experience as successful as possible.  Due to the presence of steps and pool ledges, our staff may be forced to refuse access to this activity if the configuration of the PRM chair (or other equipment), your physical condition (walking autonomy) or your morphology (upper body support) do not allow you to perform this activity safely.