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Encounter with orcas

Price:  79€
Duration:  20 min
Meeting point:  Orca Fjord
Activity animal:  orca killer whale
Accessible for people with disabilities
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Face to face with the orcas, a unique experience in Europe!

Have you ever imagined approaching and interacting with an orca? This experience, absolutely unique in Europe, is possible at Marineland. 

For 20 minutes, the team of animal keepers will show you the extraordinary physical and intellectual capacities of this giant of the sea. 

The animal handlers welcome you to a space near the basins to experience this special moment and explain to you why orcas are the largest predators in the oceans. These very large black and white dolphins, also known as killer whales, have exceptional top speed despite their size and weight. Extremely intelligent, they have developed highly sophisticated communication and hunting techniques. 

Interact with the killer whales.

These marine mammals have a very complex social system, in which one female holds the authority. As you go along, you will discover the importance of play, learning and group life.

The orca keepers share with you anecdotes and their daily life in contact with orcas. You will be surprised to learn that these super-predators appreciate the ice cubes and the scratching of their carers... and that a strong relationship of trust and complicity develops over time. You will learn many details about their anatomy and their diet. This face-to-face encounter with orcas also helps you understand why these animals, as incredible as they are, are vulnerable.  At the top of the ocean's food chain, the orca is increasingly threatened. The animal keepers will try to answer all your questions and encourage you to protect the seas and oceans and the incredible creatures that inhabit them. 

The content of the "Meet the Orcas" may change depending on the mood of the orcas on that day or the presence of people with reduced mobility. Cameras, mobile phones or other personal items that may fall into the tanks are not allowed. A photo session will allow you to keep an unforgettable memory of this encounter. Be careful, participants can sometimes be splashed by the orcas!


  • Marineland admission ticket required to enter the park
  • Activity reserved for people taller than 1.20 m
  • Access 10 minutes before the start of the session
  • Marineland entrance ticket required for access to the zoo
  • Maximum 15 people per session - No accompanying person

We will do our best to make this experience as successful as possible.  Due to the presence of steps and pool ledges, our teams may be forced to refuse access to this activity, or to modify the content for all participants, if the configuration of the PRM chair (or other equipment), if your physical condition (walking autonomy) or if your morphology (upper body support) do not allow you to carry out this activity safely. Please inform us at the time of booking.

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