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Create your own delicious sandwich


Find a friendly fast food area just past the entrance with healthy sandwiches and salads prepared right before your eyes. With over 40 ingredients, everything can be customised to your taste! All that's left to do is enjoy.  

 Here's to a delicious freshly-made sandwich! Choose between five types of bread, ten mixes based on turkey, beef, chicken curry or teriyaki, vegetarian steak, with several cheese and raw vegetable options and a dozen original sauces. You can also make up your own salad.

The advantage of having it put together right in front of you in a matter of minutes is that it's fresh.

Subway is a world-famous fast-food chain because of its fresh, balanced sandwiches made with healthy, low-fat products. Some recipes are very low in fat, in fact, less than 6 g.

Meal Deals allow you to complement your food with several choices of cold drinks (still or sparkling water, fruit juices, sodas) and desserts, with fruit gourds, yoghurts or typical American treats like cookies, brownies and donuts. If you love cookies, there are several different types, including chocolate chip, double chocolate, macadamia nut and "rainbow candy" with coloured sugared almonds.

Did you know that Subway was founded in Connecticut, USA in 1965? The name Subway comes from the look of the first sandwiches, which looked a lot like submarines ("Submarine sandwich"). Subway is so well known that many popular movies and TV shows, such as South Park and The Simpsons, have made frequent references to it. 

With the Subway experience, you can discover the delicious taste of salads and filled sandwiches made to order, as well as our tasty desserts and many other products! 

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IMPORTANT: Opening hours and schedule may vary depending on the season and day of the week. Please check opening times when entering the park.

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