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The King of the Seas has prepared a special menu for you!

Welcome to the Neptune Grill Fast Food Restaurant!

If you're in the mood for fish, beef or chicken burgers in a marine setting, you're in the right place!

Neptune hasn't forgotten about bruschetta and schnitzel lovers, either, and also offers a vegetarian menu.

A convenient place to meet up with your companions, Neptune Grill is located in the very centre of the park, all decked out in blue. It's right next door to Atlantis! 

The menu also includes sweet treats and desserts, such as compotes and yoghurt drinks. If you feel like an espresso, a cappuccino, tea, chocolate, or a cold drink, such as a Volvic Strawberry or a Coke Zero, this is the place! You can also buy your Meal Vouchers for the Marineland Snack Break, Grand Cheese Burger Menu and others, in advance! Find all the information here:

After a good meal, you'll want to get back to your visit!

In the meantime, I have a riddle for the little ones! Do you know the other name of Neptune, the King of the Oceans perched on his chariot with a trident in his hand?

And do you know why there is a planet also called Neptune? I'll let you look it up and you can tell me later!

If you don't know, ask your parents or look it up on the internet!

Have you enjoyed your meal? Are you ready to get going again?

But, did you find the answers to my questions? Neptune's other name is Poseidon and the planet Neptune is named after the King of the Seas because of its deep blue colour.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit and see you again soon!

Feel free to leave your comments on our social networks! We are always keen to improve.

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IMPORTANT: Opening hours and schedule may vary depending on the season and day of the week. Please check opening times when entering the park.

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