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Tropical Wave

Gifts & Souvenirs
At the exit to the Shark Tunnel
Accessible for people with disabilities
Tolls & Toys
(+33) 04 93 33 55 77
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As you exit the Shark Tunnel, say hello to Tropical Wave!

Tropical Wave, the shark and turtle shop!

In this "den" of sharks and turtles (cuddly ones, of course!), the atmosphere always remains underwater, with keychains, gift boxes and many other gift ideas!

The shop also offers books on the marine world and their species, as well as comic books

Do you know about the Loggerhead Turtles? Did you know that the incubation temperature determines the gender of the Loggerhead Turtle, that is, between 30 and 32˚C, it will be a female and between 28 and 30˚C, it will be a male!

If you've already visited the Shark Tunnel, you may have learned that Sandbar Sharks are continually on the move, that the Nurse Shark doesn't look like the usual image of a shark or that the Bull Shark has a streamlined body and a pointed snout. Did you know that Marineland, like many modern zoos, animal parks and aquariums, helps to protect certain species. More information here.

Marineland has already saved the lives of several sea turtles. Lily, the turtle, was returned to the sea after being accidentally trapped in a fishing net.

Treated at the care centre created by Marineland, Rotary, the sea turtle, was also able to return to the Big Blue! Emma and Noémie, have also been returned to the sea after being treated at Marineland's "hospital", meaning our Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre!...

Have you found your gifts?

You are ready to get back to visiting the park. Many surprises await you!

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