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Ocean Dreams

Gifts & Souvenirs
At the Orca Fjord, before the 5D Adventure Cinema
Accessible for people with disabilities
Tolls & Toys
(+33) 04 93 33 55 77
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Killer Whales in the spotlight in this fun shop!

Black and white soft toys, clothes and caps for young and old featuring the image of a killer whale in different colours, etc. Here, the Killer Whale is the focus of attention! 

Find this shop at the Killer Whale performance pool. Usually only open in high season, this shop caters for fans of these giants of the sea. 

The Ocean Dreams shop offers accessories, key rings, gift sets, etc., as well as books on the marine world and its species. As in the other shops, the atmosphere is still underwater and offers you a variety of gift ideas! 

By the way, did you know that the Killer Whale is from the same family as the dolphins? Like the dolphin, the killer whale belongs to the order Cetacea, the suborder Odontocetes and the family Delphinidae. These giants of the sea, found in all the world's oceans and seas, have very elaborate hunting techniques. They are called Killer Whales and yet they love getting ice cubes and scratches from their keepers. 

Are you ready to go back to the park and discover the Bottlenose Dolphins or the Sea Lions?  Many surprises await you! 

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