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Certified by the main professional organisations

Marineland is a marine zoo that operates in accordance with French and European professional best practice. Marineland allows its visitors to enjoy unforgettable experiences while raising their awareness of the need to protect marine species through animal presentations and educational activities. These unique opportunities allow us to get to know exceptional animals better and to become aware of the major issues at stake in the marine world, such as anatomy, lifestyles, reproduction, conservation, biodiversity and threats to habitats. 


Marineland is approved and certified by the French authorities on the basis of inspections and also certified by or member of the following professional organisations:


(French Association of Zoological Parks)

Created in 1969, the AFdPZ federates about a hundred zoological parks in France and overseas which must respect the directives laid down in the AFdPZ's code of ethics.














(European Association for Aquatic Mammals) 

The European Association for Aquatic Mammals abbreviated as "EAAM." was formed as an interest group in 1972 at a meeting in the Netherlands. In August 2012 a non-profit Association, with same name was established, with its Head Office located in Brussels, Belgium. The EAAM's membership includes veterinarians, biologists, zoo and marine park directors and managers, trainers and caretakers, researchers, students and other individuals who devote a significant amount of time to the in situ and ex situ welfare and conservation of marine mammals through research, medical care, training, education, conservation, management and related activities.



(European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) 

Formed in 1992, EAZA's (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) mission is to facilitate cooperation within the European zoo and aquarium community toward the goals of education, research and conservation.












American Humane

(French Association of Zoological Parks) 

Marineland is the only "Humane Certified"™ zoological institution with Nausicaa in France and among the 6 zoos, aquariums or conservation centres certified in Europe. The certification obtained in 2018 has been renewed for the period 2023-2027. Founded in 1877 (the first American organisation for the protection of animals), American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and protection of animals.


(Union of Aquarium Curators)

The French Aquarium Association. UCA is a 1901 law association officially created in 1987, which brings together the managers (most of the time curators) of a large number of French aquariums, including all types of facilities. The UCA pays particular attention to regulatory compliance, ethics and news dissemination.



(European Union of Aquarium Curators)

EUAC's mission statement is to actively promote professional improvement between specialists tn the public aquarium field.







Marineland actively respects the European directive of March 2004 concerning the installations and operating rules of fixed zoological facilities and rigorously follows the regulations in force in terms of security and hygiene. The depth of its tanks is well above international standards.

The objectives of the Marineland marine zoo are to develop, promote and encourage the conservation of animal species, raise awareness amongst the general public regarding the protection of the marine environment and to be a facilitator of scientific research in its areas of expertise. Marineland is one of the few zoos in the world to master the reproduction of iconic endangered species like Grey sharks, Loggerhead turtles, Humboldt penguins and several species of tropical fish.

Our missions

Our missions

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