Institutional partnerships

Long-time partners of the Marineland Côte d’Azur zoo

Discover some of the communities, institutions, associations and long-standing partner companies of the Marineland Côte d'Azur zoo.

The Marineland teams would like to thank these partners and all the others who support the Marine Zoo's Education, Research and Conservation projects, the companies that work alongside Marineland to ensure the cleanliness of the site, the quality of the water or feeding marine animals.

Antibes Juan-Les-Pins

Antibes Juan-les-Pins is located between Nice and Cannes.

It has all the advantages of a city on the Mediterranean coast: 23 km of coastline where all the landscapes are represented, a rich and diversified marine environment. It is a partner of Marineland through its management of the coast and the particular and exceptional site of Cap d'Antibes, which hosts the Association's Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.


For more than 50 years, GSF has been one of the French leaders in hygiene, cleanliness and their associated services, for sites open to the public such as Marineland, but also for workspaces, healthcare establishments and production sites. industrial. The regional entity GSF Jupiter has been a partner of Marineland for more than ten years.

Laboratoire Vétérinaire Départemental

The laboratory is approved by various public authorities (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Affairs for carrying out ruminant serology analyses) and accredited by CoFRAC. In terms of the environment, it monitors wildlife and hosts, among other things, autopsies of stranded marine animals.


As part of Séché Environnement, a long-standing player in the circular economy and environmental services, Séché Traitement des Eaux Industrielles (STEI) supports its industrial partners throughout the entire delegated management of the water cycle. Its multidisciplinary teams implement tailor-made solutions for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial water treatment units. 46 million litres of natural seawater are needed to house Marineland's marine animals. The water is pumped 600 m offshore at a depth of 70 m to guarantee constant quality and temperature, under the supervision of Séché Traitement des Eaux Industrielles; STEI teams also ensure that the networks and basins are working properly and that the constants recommended by the Marineland teams are respected to guarantee the best living and safety conditions for the animals and the comfort of visitors.


Seafoodia is a company specializing in the distribution of sustainable and quality seafood products since 1996. Thanks to the collaboration with Seafoodia and regular supplies, every 5 weeks, the animals of the Marineland zoo benefit from a very diversified diet from eco-responsible fishing. The fish used to feed marine animals thus come from sustainable fisheries according to standards that respect quotas, fishing techniques, minimum size criteria, etc. Whenever possible, the fish used benefit from the MSC or "Marine Standardship Council" label, an international non-profit organization, which guarantees that the products used have been caught while respecting fish stocks and marine ecosystems.

To avoid emptying our oceans, we too must consume responsibly!

Les Aquanautes

It is an association whose main vocation is to contribute to the discovery of the marine environment through underwater photography, video, documentation, education, exhibitions. In order to carry out and contribute to projects related to the discovery and preservation of the underwater habitats of our Mediterranean coast, it intends to carry out actions of awareness, protection, etc...

L'Espace Mer et Littoral

Is it a coincidence that the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is located in L’Espace Mer et Littoral? Of course not ! The conservation of marine fauna and flora are complementary. This is why we are committed to working together to preserve our beautiful coastline!

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