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Marineland is committed to local sports partnerships. Sport is both entertainment and emotion, but it is also the sharing of values - an education in living together, in respecting others, in helping and cooperating, in challenging oneself...

Marineland partners with Côte d'Azur sports

Marineland shares these values through its sports partnerships:

OGC Nice

Two well-known and recognised organisations in the Nice area, very different but with converging goals...Since 2019, Marineland has been a partner of OGC Nice. The park hosts training sessions for sportsmen and women, and also organises events with young people from the MEFI club to help them discover the beauty and fragility of the marine world.

OGC Nice Handball

The OGC Nice Handball is a sports club driven by great values and great ambitions, their women's team works with children from a very young age to promote a keen interest in effort, mutual aid, team cohesion and challenging oneself. Since 2019, Marineland and OGC Nice Handball have been involved in a partnership based on shared values in order to get the new generations involved in raising awareness and protecting the marine world. 

Nice Volley Ball

Created in 1976, the professional Nice Volleyball Club has played at the highest level of the French Championship for over 26 years. A very dynamic club with more than 25 teams, Nice Volleyball has focused on youth training for the past several years. Sharing common values, Marineland and Nice Volleyball entered into a partnership in 2022 to enable young volleyball players to be made aware of the challenges of the marine world.

Antibes Sharks

A strong supporter of the local basketball team, Marineland has long been a partner of the Sharks, a team that does not shy away from challenges and remains motivated and motivating at all times! The park stands by the athletes, ready to support them and to set the mood at the Azurarena with Sharky, the mascot! There are also events throughout the year featuring the Sharks to surprise visitors!

Volero Le Cannet

Created in 2018 following the cooperation between Volero Zurich and ESCR Volley, the Volero Le Cannet women's professional volleyball club plays at the highest national level. After a year full of emotions and titles in 2022 with a league and cup double, the club is tackling the Champions League this year. Marineland and Volero Le Cannet have entered into a partnership for the 2022-2023 season to allow club youth teams to discover the marine world and learn how to protect the species that inhabit the seas and oceans.

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