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Sustainable actions

richtextMarineland is getting involved!  

  • In its animal park, Marineland has stopped using plastic straws, which are the scourge of the oceans and marine animals. So don't be surprised if you no longer find plastic straws here, it means we are acting with you to protect the Blue Planet!
  • Did you know that, at Marineland, we have set up 22 selective sorting channels for waste (cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, wood, etc)? We turn restaurant waste and animal food scraps into compost, we recycle textiles, either for raw material or by donating it to the 'Restos du cœur' and we recycle all our (and your) mobile phones!
  • At Marineland, the animals are fed with fish sourced from eco-responsible fishing. The MSC or "Marine Standardship Council" is an international non-profit organisation that has created a label that guarantees to the consumer that the labelled products have been fished sustainably, in other words respecting fish stocks and marine ecosystems. To avoid emptying our oceans, we consume responsibly.
  • Marineland and its Association is conducting a monitoring programme for macro-waste accumulated in the marine environment, called Clean & Collect, providing information not only on the quantity but also on the nature of this waste. This beach pick-up operation also aims to raise awareness about the environment and to work for the benefit of science.

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