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Welcoming charities that make sick children's dreams come true

For more than 30 years, Marineland has graciously welcomed about a hundred seriously ill children each year to allow them to live their dream! From an encounter with the dolphins to a day with the sea lions or a face to face with the sharks, the teams at Marineland are always enthusiastic about welcoming these children and trying to make their wishes come true! These projects are set up in collaboration with national and international associations such as Rêves, Petits Princes, Make a wish, etc.

Marineland also offer dreams to children from various charities, including Communauté I Have A Dream, who support families whose children are affected by invasive brainstem glioma (IBG), the Maralpine charity, Association AdrienUn rêve un sourireCandy Colonne d’EspoirUn jour meilleur, etc.

Since 2018, Marineland has periodically invited children from the charity, Rencontres Africaines – Association Humanitaire, which brings to France children suffering from diseases that are inoperable in their country of origin due to a lack of technical or financial resources.

Since 2015, Marineland has also provided financial support to the charity, Little Princes, by participating each year in the charity's Solidarity Day, by donating an amount from each visit made on that day in its parks.

"Dreamnight at the Zoo" evenings

Since 2011, the Marineland Association has organised a magical evening each year for hospitalised children from the region. The children are treated like VIPs during an evening organised especially for them and animated voluntarily by the park employees.

Childcare service - Alpes Maritimes departmental council

Special Olympics

Since 2022, Marineland has been welcoming children in the care of the Department's social services once a month, free of charge, to share a unique moment with the dolphins and take part in the activities of the groomers. This shared experience helps to strengthen the bonds between the children and their educators.

Working together with the Fontonne Day Hospital

On a weekly basis for over 25 years, Marineland has been welcoming children with communication and behavioural disorders, in partnership with the Hôpital de la Fontonne in Antibes.

The "Les Oubliés des Vacances" Project

Our parks regularly participate in the "Les oubliés des vacances" (the forgotten holidaymakers) project in partnership with Secours Populaire.

Blood Donor Clinics

Since 2017, Marineland regularly organize in partnership with the Etablissement Français du Sang (French Blood Agency), blood drives in the park, collecting donations from both staff and park visitors.

Glasses collections

Since 2017, Marineland has been collecting its employees' old glasses, along with those left behind by visitors for more than a year, to give them to the charity, Lunettes Sans Frontières which distributes them to clinics around the world. Each year, more than a hundred pairs of glasses are sent to the charity. Don't hesitate to contribute by dropping off your old glasses that are in good condition (prescription or sunglasses) at the park's reception desk.

Mobile phone collection for the benefit of the Pour la Vie

Park visitors and staff can drop off their used mobile phones and digital tablets at the reception desk. The components are then recycled by a specialised company and the profits are donated to the charity, Pour la Vie, to finance the dreams of sick children. You, too, can leave your old mobile phones at the Marineland reception desk, so that they can contribute to helping this charity!

Partnering with the Isatis Association

association isatis

Marineland regularly welcomes beneficiaries from the charity, ISATIS, whose aim is to support people with mental health problems. Marineland hosts them for a work placement as part of their employability project

International Autism Awareness Day

Journée mondiale de sensibilisation à l'autisme

Since 2019, Marineland invite each year the educational institutes of the Alpes Maritimes and specialised charities for a day of discovery at Marineland to celebrate International Autism Awareness Day. #Tousenbleu

Raffles for schools and charities

Tombolas Marineland

Marineland offers invitations to its parks to local schools and charities every year. Each year, more than 3,600 invitations are offered.

Africa France Solidaire

Africa France Solidaire

Marineland supports the charity, Africa France Solidaire, by entrusting it with its old fleet of wheelchairs to give them a second life. 
These wheelchairs are repaired by young people from a vocational high school in Manosque, before being sent to Cameroon as part of a more global international solidarity project that has been running for the past five years, training young Cameroonians from the village of Ebodge in first aid and raising their awareness of environmental protection, including the protection of a Sea Turtle nesting area. The circle is complete!

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