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The main objectives of an animal park like Marineland are education, research and conservation. But its top priority is, of course, to ensure the wellbeing and good health of its animals.

How can we ensure the wellbeing and good living conditions of the animals that live in Marineland?

Animal wellbeing is evaluated scientifically and objectively, and factual criteria have been drafted for this purpose.

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    Like any accredited animal park or zoo, Marineland ensures the wellbeing of the dolphins and other species that live there through the quality of its facilities, the skills of its staff and the implementation of and compliance with animal practices and procedures.

    Zoos and animal parks ensure animal wellbeing through the constant monitoring of many aspects.

    Daily observation combined with the data gathered over the long term by animal and scientific staff ensures the quality of life of the animals living there. This permanent monitoring allows for the early detection of a change in behaviour or a health problem leading, if necessary, to rapid intervention.

    Procedures for inspections, audits and certifications by external bodies attest to the quality of life of the animals that live in the parks.

    When the wellbeing and quality of life of animals is scientifically proven, zoo professionals know that their choices in terms of facilities and zootechnical procedures are appropriate and effective.

    As knowledge is acquired, the quality of the facilities, the staff present and the zootechnical practices and procedures continue to improve in order to always provide the best for the animals.

Global Director of American Humane

12 Apr. 2022

Expert opinion: Brad Andrews


Marine Turtle Project Manager

12 Apr. 2022

Expert opinion: Sidonie Catteau


Sales Manager for Seafoodia

18 Apr. 2022

Expert opinion: Théo Alario



31 Jan. 2022

Expert opinion: Elodie

Killer Whale Keeper

16 Dec. 2021

Expert opinion: Romain

Bottlenose Dolphin EEP Programme Coordinator

10 Dec. 2021

Expert opinion: Robert Gojceta

Dolphin Keeper

19 Nov. 2021

Expert opinion: Aurélia

Legal Coordinator

16 Nov. 2021

Expert opinion: Bénédicte

Education, Research and Conservation Officer

12 Nov. 2021

Expert opinion: Isabelle

Animal Lagoon Supervisor

29 Oct. 2021

Expert opinion: Jean

Zoological Director

22 Oct. 2021

Expert opinion: Damien

Veterinarian and Animal Welfare Specialist

14 Oct. 2021

Expert opinion: Xavier Manteca

Cetacean and Pinniped Curator

08 Oct. 2021

Expert opinion: Katia

Zoological Director

01 Oct. 2021

Expert opinion: Damien

American Humane

28 Sep. 2021

Expert opinion: Géraldine

Education, Research and Conservation Officer

24 Sep. 2021

Expert opinion: Isabelle

Dolphin Pool Supervisor

21 Sep. 2021

Expert opinion: Justine

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