• Sharks tunnel - Marineland
  • Sharks tunnel - Marineland
  • Sharks tunnel - Marineland

Sharks Tunnel

With your park admission ticket, you can discover the sharks tunnel any time you want during the day

The sharks tunnel offers a unique face to face with the teeth of the sea! Sharks and rays evolve around visitors and let themselves be admired from every angle!


Bull sharks and their jaws bristling with razor-sharp teeth, gray sharks profiled like marine torpedoes, placid nurse sharks resting on the sandy bottom and the majestic stingray with a wingspan of more than 1.50m. that's all waiting for you in the shark tunnel! Measuring 30 meters long, it runs right through a giant aquarium of 2 million liters of natural seawater pumped off the coast.

The tunnel consists of a resin close to the plexiglass: methacrylate. Its first quality is to be flexible (which allows to make curved walls), and at the same time very resistant to the pressure that exerts such a volume of water. Methacrylate is also completely transparent and ensures optimal visual quality. This process is therefore used as infrastructure of large aquariums because it is well adapted to the constraints of large volumes.

The shape of the basin was studied during its design to favor a swimming course in the shape of 8 and thus a more important course and without interruption for the animals. It is in this environment that births of gray sharks, Carcharhinus plumbeus, have occurred annually since 1999, although they are very rarely observed in an artificial environment.

  • Creation date: 1996
  • Volume of the basin: 2 million liters
  • Tunnel length: 30m
  • Number of shark species: 3 (gray shark, bull shark, nurse shark)