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Park Hours

Check our opening days and times!

To make the most of your day, check the park hours which may vary a little depending on the season. Don't forget to check the times of the shows and the different park areas. Each animal is unique, it would be a pity not to see all of them!

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Agenda For This Day
Park closed.
The park is closed today. Choose another date to view the schedules and activities offered.
Full park.
The park is full for today. Choose another date to view the schedules and activities offered.
Activities and performances of the day
Go to our "Programme" page or download our app to see all the activities and performances planned.
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Parks open almost all year round


  • Open every day of the year from 10 a.m.
  • Annual closure after the Christmas holidays until the February school holidays.

Adventure Golf

  • Open every day during school holidays (summer, All Saints, February and Spring) and in May-June.
  • The rest of the year Adventure Golf is open Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Adventure Golf opens from 12 p.m., except in July-August from 3 p.m
  • Annual closure of Adventure Golf after Toussaint school holidays until February school holidays.

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Animal encounters

Animal encounters

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