Team Building

Increase motivation and cohesion within your teams in a unique setting

In "sports challenge" mode or through an interactive and inspiring conference, the Marineland Côte d'Azur Animal Park teams offer a wide choice of team-building activities to develop the relationships between your employees and improve team spirit. Being close to animals with extraordinary abilities and choosing a place as original as Marineland, allows us to get to know each other better and to value the success of the team.

Face the "Team Building Challenge".

A variety of activities will allow you to discover Europe's largest marine animal park in a fun and original way, as a team and in a friendly atmosphere. Ideal for developing cohesion between your employees, these active and, in certain cases, sporty activities encourage participants to exceed their limits and can be carried out during the working day or in the evening.
During the day, there are team activities with varying degrees of athleticism, to suit all employees, including sports challenges, photo safari, "Lip dub", video challenge, "Ipad" rally, a "Grand Quiz" or the water-themed riddle games.
In the evening (after the park has closed to visitors), there's the option of an "Escape Game" in the shark tunnel, a giant human football table and various other activities will give you the opportunity to have a good time with your colleagues. End the evening by holding a cocktail party for the winning team surrounded by sharks.

The "Animal Instinct for Business" Conference

In this conference, Jon Kershaw, a specialist in instinctive and behavioural communication, compares life in a company with Killer Whales' learning processes and extremely complex social system.

During this interactive and inspiring talk, this marine mammal specialist also discusses the importance of values, the support of employees, the motivation barriers and the important concepts of communication, leadership, management, reinforcement, tension, managing refusals, hierarchy, etc.

Duration: from 1.5 hours up to 2 days. At Marineland or the location of your choice
Languages: French, English

Jon Kershaw in a few words
40 years of experience with marine mammals
Former zoological director of Marineland
Trainer and outside speaker
Consultant for the UN
Specialist Advisor on numerous feature films and TV shows
Author of a variety of publications

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