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Private sessions with animals

The orca shows, the dolphins and seals lagoon, the 5D cinema and the aviary are open to visitors at weekends and during school holidays only.

Private sessions with animals: discover incredible animals in VIP mode

Discover dolphins, killer whales, sea lions or sharks like you've never seen them before! Marineland Côte d'Azur Park's animal keepers will be happy to welcome you for private sessions, exclusively for your group, a "close-up" with the park's iconic animals or the even more complete VIP visit.

All sessions are supervised by an animal keeper. They will help you learn all about these animals, their environment, their modes of communication and the way they learn.


    Our animal keepers await you at the dolphin lagoon for a magical experience in small groups (maximum 8 people). Put on the waders we provide and begin an experience that is sure to leave you breathless, mere centimetres away from these legendary animals. You'll be able to interact and play with the bottlenose dolphins but also learn a lot from the keepers. These cetaceans are mammals, so they can never sleep deeply because they would forget to breathe! In fact, they doze more than they sleep. Did you know that the bottlenose dolphin does not chew its prey? Once caught, the prey is swallowed whole using its many identical cone-shaped teeth. During the 20-minute session, you will have the opportunity to discover many other things about dolphins (Minimum height requirement: 1.20 m; children between 4 and 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult).


    Meet up just beyond the Orca Fjord, to discover these black and white sea giants as you have never seen them before! Up close and personal! The killer whale keeper team awaits you for a VIP encounter in a small group (10 people maximum) to learn more about their exceptional skills. During a twenty-minute session, the animal keepers will give you detailed information on their anatomy and behaviour. This marine mammal, which is also called the orca, is a member of the dolphin family but quickly grows to more than 2 tonnes in weight! These giants' elaborate hunting techniques have earned them the name Killer Whale, yet they love ice cubes and being petted by their keepers. You will learn that although it is at the top of the ocean food chain, the killer whale is also endangered by human activity, such as pollution, overfishing, disturbance, etc. (Minimum height requirement: 1.20 m).


    Marineland offers a truly amazing immersive experience that will take you from chills to awe. Our keepers invite you to the shark tunnel, a giant panoramic aquarium that is 30 m long and contains 2 million litres of natural seawater, where you will encounter grey, bull and nurse sharks.

    Suit up and put on the diving helmet we provide for a safe dive that will allow you to rub shoulders with sharks and other rather surprising inhabitants of the sea bed! While it looks impressive when you put it on, the yellow helmet allows you to breathe like normal. Then, you’ll enter a world of silence. With no sound but that of air bubbles around you, water wherever you look and sharks perfectly adapted to their environment. This activity is for up to 5 people and requires that you have no medical conditions that prevent you from taking part in diving activities, that you provide a valid medical questionnaire and that you have a swimming costume and a towel.


    Come and discover a mischievous animal that will win you over and show you how endearing, playful, curious and funny it can be! The sea lion animal keepers will host you for about twenty minutes as you get acquainted with and interact with these marine mammals. You can hear them from a distance. Sea lions express themselves loud and clear, with roars, barks, bellows, growls and bleats from the little ones. You'll learn how to distinguish the four species that live at the Marineland Côte d'Azur Park, which are Californian, Patagonian, South African and the largest species, the Steller sea lions, which can exceed 1 ton in weight.

    Our keepers will allow you to interact with these mischievous mammals, who are amazing swimmers and very agile on land, too. (10 people maximum, minimum age: 3 years).


    Get up close and personal with dolphins, killer whales and sea lions, interact with these animals, decipher their language, share the daily life of an animal team... With the VIP visit, offer your small group THE dream that many people wish would come true. Guided by our animal keepers, you will discover all the secrets of the relationship between humans and animals and how to avoid betraying them. At the lagoon, you go waist deep to discover and play with the bottlenose dolphins. You'll be able to talk to the keepers, who are passionate about their work, and you will hear many anecdotes. You'll meet the killer whales, imposing cetaceans with extraordinary abilities. You'll take part in the feeding of the noisy, mischievous and very playful seals or sea lions and be able to ask the keepers all the questions you want.

    Your VIP visit will give you access to the park's backstage area, opening up all of Marineland's inner workings so that these marine animals will no longer hold any secrets for you.

There is the option of scheduling multiple sessions depending on your numbers.

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