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It is THE dream that young and old would most often like to see fulfilled.  The one that invariably comes up on everyone's wish list, that is getting up-close to dolphins, deciphering their language, hearing their laughter, becoming complicit with them, almost pals...

With our VIP Visits, you will gain access to this rare and precious experience. You’ll discover all the secrets of the relationship between humans and animals and how to avoid betraying them. Their intensity, their depth and their kindness.

The activity

The VIP Visit is organised around numerous activities and includes:

  • Park Admission
  • Going backstage with the keepers
  • A coffee break with the keepers
  • Encounter with the dolphins
  • Access to all the performances and presentations on the day
  • A selfie with the sea lions
  • Close up with the killer whales

Given for information purposes only, subject to change.


  • Reservation required – Places limited to 6 people maximum per group
  • Activity not suitable for those under 1.20 m
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years old for safety reasons
  • Must arrive at the entrance of the park by 9.15 am at the latest
  • Duration: the morning

We will do our best to make this experience as successful as possible.  Due to the presence of steps and pool ledges, our staff may be forced to refuse access to this activity if the configuration of the PRM chair (or other equipment), your physical condition (walking autonomy) or your morphology (upper body support) do not allow you to perform this activity safely.

Given for information purposes only, subject to change.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo with the caretakers

By sharing the daily life of an animal team, the park's inner secrets will be revealed to you. You will join the dolphin keepers in the lagoon, immerse yourself up to your waist with the dolphins, participate in feeding the seals and take selfies with the playful and mischievous sea lions. 

You will even share a coffee break with the teams, which will be welcome after having carried out multiple tasks to help the morning run smoothly. Perhaps, they will perhaps share some unusual anecdotes with you, however, you will certainly have time for a in-depth chat.

We are sure that this unforgettable day will change your view of these animals forever. Once you are familiar with and attached to these animals, you will be the best ambassador for animal protection!

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