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Shark Tunnel

An impressive face-to-face with the kings of the sea!

The Shark Tunnel provides aunique face-to-face with the most famous "teeth in the sea"! During this unique underwater journey, you will see several species of shark, plus many other fish! This giant aquarium containing 6 million litres of natural seawater is 30 m long and provides an immersive, panoramic view at all times.  

You'll encounter Bull Sharks with glistening rows of razor-sharp teeth, Sandbar Sharks, streamlined like marine torpedoes and placid Nurse Sharks, posed on the sandy bottom. At the tunnel's entrance is a tank devoted to showcasing the Sea Turtles, a vulnerable endangered species

The Lagoon
The Lagoon


Educational presentations are held there every day. At the tunnel's exit, an educator awaits you in front of the large panoramic window, to answer all your questions about sharks. Presentations on the Sea Turtles (Caretta Caretta) are offered at the tunnel entrance. Since 2010, several baby turtles have been born thanks to the special attention of the aquarium team and multiple scientific research and conservation programmes are conducted with the RTMMF network and CRFS, our hospital for wild Sea Turtles found in trouble.  


When it was conceived, the best design for the "Shark Tunnel" was studied and found to favour a figure-of-eight trajectory, thusproviding the fish with a larger swimming course. Since 1999, this environment has also seen annual births of Sandbar Sharks, which are very rarely found in aquariums.