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Sea Lion Rock

One area, four species of sea lions and lots more to discover

Make the most of your visit by spending time in the 4 areas dedicated to the 4 species of sea lions that live at Marineland. You can see sea lions from Patagonia, California, South Africa and even the Steller Sea Lions from the North Pacific. What a fantastic trip!  

While these species of sea lions are very different, they all have in common that they are playful, mischievous and noisy. Indeed, sea lions express themselves loud and clear, with roars, barks, bellows, growls and bleats from the little ones. Our sea lions will never stop surprising you and will probably even play with you.   

The Lagoon
The Lagoon



Every day, animal and educational presentations on the sea lions are offered to our visitors by the animal keepers. The educational teams and animal keepers reveal the exceptional abilities of these outstanding swimmers and hunters, the differences between the species, their feeding habits, their hunting techniques, but also their predators and the threats they face. They will help you discover Marineland's involvement in scientific research and its contribution to the conservation of species, as well as being happy to answer all your questions.    


Sea lion colonies can live in very different environments, including pebble beaches at the foot of cliffs or on rocky areas during the mating season, hence the name of this area that is located just after the park entrance on the right.