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Dolphin Island

Dynamic, curious, playful: enter the world of the Bottlenose Dolphins

Do you dream of seeing Bottlenose Dolphins? Enjoy an unforgettable experience with these mythical animals at Dolphin Island.


Of the 36 species of dolphins, the common dolphin, or Bottlenose Dolphin, is the most well-known of the speciesamongst the general public, popularised by a famous TV series.  It is a strong and playful dolphin with a characteristic "smile".  


Covered seats allow you to attend the animal presentations every day in excellent conditions. You'll be amazed at the Bottlenose Dolphins' incredible skills and their close relationship with their animal keepers. Feel free to stay by the pool after the performances, when you might have the chance to interact with them as they are naturally very playful animals! 

The Lagoon
The Lagoon



You will be seduced by their grace, their playfulness and their prowess. The performances are an exceptional opportunity that should not be missed under any circumstances!



A set of 3 communicating pools allows the same family of dolphins to be housed. These pools contain 6 million litres of natural seawater, drawn from the sea in front of the Marineland Côte d'Azur park, 600 metres offshore.