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Tropical Aquariums

Clownfish, rays, corals... a colourful world awaits you

In our tropical aquariums, a world of silence beckons. Take the time to listen! Cruise quietly amidst the starfish, Clownfish and their anemones, scorpion fish and moray eels.

Watch the magnificent Leopard, American or Blue-spotted Stingrays ripple along. Contemplate the multicoloured corals and unusual fish like the Napoleon fish, Surgeon fish, Silver moons, Razor fish, Horned Cow fish, etc.

Thousands of explanations and anecdotes are offered throughout this underwater journey. You will learn that corals are one of the richest marine ecosystems, home to thousands of animal and plant species. 

The Lagoon
The Lagoon



Conservation efforts are being undertaken all over the world, but almost none of them are based on the mastery of coral reproductive activity.

However, Marineland has been working on this issue for a very long time and has now fully mastered this aspect. The aquarium team at Marineland is also involved in other applied research, in particular, the natural reproduction of Sandbar Sharks, tropical fish and marine invertebrates. You will be able to enjoy several nursery aquariums, in search of "Nemo" and "Dori" and the beautiful Banggai Cardinalfish! The water in these aquariums is kept at a constant temperature fitting the needs of the different species.