Theme visits

A privileged moment of 1 hour with a scientific mediator

With the theme visit, you are assured to be guided through the zoo in order to make the children discover some of the emblematic species of the marine world. You can choose to talk more specifically about a species or deepen a theme covered in school. As the explanations and answers to questions progress, the way of life of these species and the threats they face in the natural environment will no longer hold any secrets for children.

This formula also gives you access to the entire day at the zoo, the animal presentations and educational talks.


  • €45 for the theme visit and €5.90 per child up to 15 years old (€19 from 16 years old). The €45 are fully donated to the Marineland Association to finance our conservation programs.
  • Free for accompanying persons within the limit of 1 adult for 8 children (€19 per additional accompanying person)

Information and booking with the commercial department.

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Animal encounters

Animal encounters