Workshop visits

A moment of reflection and manipulation of 1 hour in the educational space

With the workshop visit, the children discover the conservation actions of the zoo and its Association. Upon arrival, the curiosity of young explorers of the marine world is aroused. They discover the activities of a care center for injured or sick sea turtles.  The scientific mediator explains the biology of this emblematic animal, how to protect it and describes eco-citizen actions to reduce our impact on the environment.

This formula also gives you access to the entire day at the zoo, the animal presentations and educational talks.


  • €45 for the guided tour and €5.90 per child up to 15 years old (€19 from 16 years old). The €45 are fully donated to the Marineland Association to finance our conservation programs.
  • Free for adults within the limit of 1 accompanying person for 8 children (€19 per additional accompanying person).

Information and booking with the commercial department.

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Animal encounters