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Creative Activities

Choose from a range of fun activities for children, such as recycling, painting, scrapbooking and more. And for even more creative activities, check out our Facebook Page!


It couldn’t be easier! All you need are empty toilet or paper towel rolls, scissors, white paint, glue, a felt-tip pen and a little imagination! :)

Creative activity to create a teddy bear using empty toilet paper rolls


Although there are five oceans on our beautiful blue planet, it is clear that they are all connected and form one single volume of water. Marine wildlife can therefore move from one ocean to another without any of the geographical barriers that exist for terrestrial species. Add to this the 150 or so seas and it is sometimes difficult to determine the precise range of a marine species... Certain species are very localised, while others occupy a very wide geographical area. Through its overseas territories and its coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, French territory contains an exceptional range of marine biodiversity.
This little world map game can be played in several ways:

  • Can you place some of the iconic species that you meet at Marineland on the world map?
  • Can you identify the species that are part of the wealth of French marine wildlife?
  • The Mediterranean Sea represents only 7% of the world's seas and oceans but it is one of the most abundant. Which of the species found in the park live there?


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