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V.I.P. Visit

Discover the Marineland animals and the work of their trainers.
An extraordinary opportunity to spend a morning with the trainers, meet the animals and enjoy some unforgettable moments.

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Billet Simple : Marineland Early Booking

Billet Simple Marineland Early Booking - Réservation Anticipée
Réservez 5 jours avant votre venue et bénéficiez de 3 euros de réduction par billet adulte et enfant sur Marineland

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Billet Marineland Saison 2014

Billet Marineland Saison 2014  :
Ce billet est NON DATE et utilisable jusqu'au 30 septembre 2014.
Idéal pour offrir !

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Marineland TV

Nouveau Reportage sur Marineland TV!
Marineland TV - Actu N°79 - Découvrez le prénom du bébé orque
Le Parc Marineland est heureux de vous annoncer le prénom enfin choisi pour son bébé orque de 4mois et demi: KEIJO

Meet the dolphins

Rencontre avec les dauphins...
The long-awaited experience is available all year.
Wearing waders (which we provide), this is your chance to wade into a submerged beach and have contact with the dolphins! Guaranteed excitement!

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Meet the sea lions

Rencontre avec les otaries...
A unique opportunity to meet a sea lion close to!
Like their trainers, and in their company, you go up close to these engagingly humorous, curious animals. Little kisses, a hand held, gentle caresses - there is so much emotion to be shared at this extraordinary meeting!
Access to the VIP area included.

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Meet the sharks

NEW IN 2011: Meet the sharks!
Enjoy the SCUBAPRO experience: a real immersion in the same environment as the sharks themeslves (grey sharks, sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks, baracudas and tropical fish) using a process unique in Europe.
Wearing a breathing helmet and a SCUBAPRO suit, you enter a transparent acrylic cage that takes you safely down into water at a temperature of 24°C to explore the mysterious world of the sharks.

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Marineland Space Card

Marineland Space Europe Card
With the Marineland Space Europe card,
enjoy your fill of thrilling sensations beyond our borders!

Your card for one year: €89!

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The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears
The only installation of its kind in Europe, designed for conserving polar bears in their proper conditions!
An area of 2,200 m², subdivided into 3 zones: two for living, and one for rearing young: the nursery".
A magnificent environment with sea water and fresh water pools, plants from the tundra, rocks and lakes, and waterfalls, which create shady shelters acting as ideal "lairs" for the bears.
>Diary for November...

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La Fondation Marineland

La Fondation Marineland : Pour la conservation des espèces et la biodiversité marine

Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer la création depuis juillet 2011 de la Fondation Marineland !

- Sa vocation
- Ses projets pour 2011/2012
- Une structure complémentaire

et du site Internet

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Découvrez Marineland

Shortcuts Marineland

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Newsletter Marineland

Marineland TV

Marineland TV
Découvrez Marineland TV !
Grâce à votre nouvelle Web TV Marineland,
immergez-vous dans l'univers du plus grand parc marin d'Europe !
Au programme : Interviews et reportages exclusifs, toute l'actu du parc Marineland et ses coulisses !

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Events & congres

Marineland vous propose une large gamme de produits évènementiels
Want to host an event at Marineland
Events corporate, private events, Marineland offers a wide range of event products that we will adapt to your expectations !

Sustainable Devt

Marineland s'engage dans la voie du développement durable
control his
Impact over the
Marineland is committed towards sustainable development, with the establishment of an environmental management



Virtual Tour

Discover the world of virtual marineland !
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