• Interactive Conference by Jon Kershaw - Marineland Antibes
  • Interactive Conference by Jon Kershaw - Marineland

Interactive conference led by Jon Kershaw

Marineland's Wildlife Director

"An important parallel between the learning processes of killer whales at Marineland and corporate life"

The main topics will be: 

  • Hierarchy: learn how to establish yourself in a hierarchical structure, find a balance between the different personalities of each individual, and manage conflicts and rejection: how to achieve a result in the face of a rejection or incorrect behavior. How trainers adapt to the hierarchy in the pool, in order to communicate with their killer whales and get them to work.
  • Motivation to avoid rejection, find the motivational levers to avoid a gradual decline in efficiency, motivate people with different objectives, learn to motivate, reward and correct. All of this is done in the pool through various mechanisms, by avoiding, for example, a pattern of routine activity.
  • Communication: how to facilitate it, differentiate messages, target the right person, make yourself understood, and give everyone a common goal. How do trainers establish and maintain communication with their animals?
  • Leadership, reward, tension, rejection management, reinforcement, etc.

Workshops to bring your teams together!

Many topics will be covered throughout the training, and Jon will answer all of your questions. Throughout the training, you will discover aspects of the pool that you did not expect and will be amazed by the connection that exists between life in the pool and life at a company.

Available languages: French, English

Length: from 1.5 hours up to 2 days

Please note that the content of the conference can be adapted to the expectations of those in attendance.

Jon Kershaw, in brief

  • 40 years' experience with marine mammals
  • Marineland's Wildlife Director
  • Trainer
  • Rescuer
  • Special consultant on many feature films and TV shows
  • Author of publications

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