• Dreamnight at the Zoo - Marineland
  • Dreamnight at the Zoo - Marineland
  • Dreamnight at the Zoo - Marineland

An enchanted evening every year on the 1st Friday in June

Marineland joined the worldwide “Dreamnight at the Zoo” network, which brings together 275 wildlife parks in 38 countries around the world that open their doors, free of charge, to children being treated by local hospitals on the first Friday in June.

 This annual evening event, initiated by the Dutch “Dreamnight at the Zoo” Foundation, enables children suffering from a chronic illness or disability to experience a truly magical moment. Children who can benefit from this outing are chosen by the medical team.

All coming together with a common goal: to please the children

The Marineland Foundation has therefore established a partnership with three local hospitals: CHU Lenval in Nice, Fontonne Hospital in Antibes and CHU des Broussailles in Cannes, in order to offer children an enchanted evening with the marine animals of Marineland.

The event has been a success every year: children ages 6 to 15, accompanied by their families, are welcomed to Marineland or Kid’s Island, starting at 6:30 p.m., by park volunteers who host the evening specially for these VIP visitors.

All this is also made possible by the help of business partners (Coca-Cola, Daunat, Evian, Mauro and CDC-Supergroup), who serve 200 meals during the night of the event.

Local artists also volunteer their talent for the festivities, to liven up the evening.

A successful program

Given the satisfaction of the children and by popular demand, Dreamnight at the Zoo is now an important annual summer event at Marineland.