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The trainers offer daily performances with animals. These performances reveal to you not only the aptitudes and peculiarities of each of the species, but above all respond to the need for physical and mental stimulation of these extraordinary animals. It is also a privileged moment between the healers and the animals during which the relationship which binds them will not be able to escape you ... 

At the end of each performance, a trainer is at your disposal to answer your questions.

Performance at the dolphin pool

You will attend a performance organized by a team of trainers accompanied by music specially composed for the occasion: a fascinating approach to the treasures of the Mediterranean!

representation orques
Performance at the killer whale pool

Inspired by natural animal behaviour, this performance depicts the most impressive attitudes of killer whales. From hunting to playing, while expressing signs of affection, the killer whales and their trainers demonstrate exceptional prowess with their strength, power and grace.

representation otaries
Performance at the sea lions pool

What is the vocation of a modern zoo today?  How does Marineland demonstrate its commitment to the protection and conservation of species ? At the end of each performance, a healer is at your disposal to answer your questions.

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