Splash Battle

Access for persons with reduced mobility:


La bataille navale, vous connaissez ? Mettre des croix sur une grille pour faire couler des bateaux ennemis, c'est complètement dépassé !

En savoir plus

the battle no longer happens on paper... but on the water! And that’s a whole ‘nother ball game! Here you are aboard a pirate ship, standing firm with your water cannon, facing the enemy. And then, it’s a free fire zone! Well, that’s just a figure of speech because you are not actually shooting gun powder, but water! There is only one goal to win: spray as many people as possible! Here, you can’t be afraid to get wet. There is no room for freshwater sailors! No one makes it out dry, not even the spectators! Splash Battle at Kid’s Island and Aquasplash consists of 10 pirate ships that confront each other all day long, flanked by their 40 water cannons on a lake of more than 1,000 m² (11,000 sq.ft.)!