• Marineland Lagoon

The Dolphins Lagoon

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Un espace privilégié au cœur du Lagon !

Dolphin Lagoon

You may be lucky enough to see their underwater acrobatics! Always very curious about everything happening around them, they will undoubtedly want to play with you! Only glass separates you from the animals, which you can watch underwater or at the surface. The glass also separates the lagoon from the pools. The animals move about in pools filled with salt water pumped directly from the Mediterranean, just a few hundred yards from the coast, while you enjoy the fresh water heated by the sun of the French Riviera.

Access for all. Allowed size: minimum 1.20m or accompanied by an adult. Bracers or lifejacket mandatory for non-swimmers.

Did you know?

The little noises and "clicking" sounds you may hear when you stick your head in the water are actually the dolphins, using their sonar or chatting together!