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Pygmy Goat

Scientific name:  Capra hircus
Class:  Mammals
Continent:  All
Habitat:  Plateaux montagneux, prairies, déserts
Diet:  Herbivorous
Weight:  12 - 30 kg
Size:  35 - 70 cm

This herbivorous ruminant was domesticated almost 10,000 years ago.

There are still many wild species and about 110 domestic breeds including dwarf goats that originate from West Africa. They eat hay, grass and seeds and they ruminate (food is swallowed and then goes up into the mouth to be chewed). 1 or 2 kids are born after a gestation period of 5 months and are suckled for about 3 months. The longevity is 12 to 14 years. They are raised for their wool, their milk (from which butter and cheese are made), their meat and for their skin, which is made into leather and which was used for the production of parchment in the past.

Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
Least concern
Insufficient data
Not evaluated


Goats were domesticated about 10,000 years ago in Turkey and Iran. There are still many wild species and over 110 domestic breeds.