• 5D Adventure Cinema - Marineland
  • 5D Adventure Cinema - Marineland
  • 5D Adventure Cinema - Marineland

Cinéma Adventure 5D

Come and live a brand new experience with our new interactive attraction!

Live a brand new experience with our new interactive attraction : a 5D cinema with 132 seats (including 4 wheelchair places) !


It is in our auditorium situated below the stands of the killer whale pool that you will discover an attraction worthy of a 21st century marine park and included in the price of your entry ticket to Marineland. An indoor attraction awakening all your senses!

Thanks to larger than life special effects, we offer you a unique experience, close to reality, plunging you directly into the world of marine animals. The screening of our first interactive film “Arctic 1” produced by a firm called “The Juice” will take you on a trip through both north and south poles in the company of a researcher known as Steel and his sidekick.

Steel has constructed a new vessel for polar exploration which he intends to test on this, its maiden voyage. During the journey the vessel will be pushed to its limits while travelling through breathtaking scenery! 

For the installation of this 5D experience, Marineland called upon the services of a company known as CL Corporation, a French specialist in interactive cinema. By taking the decision to open our first interactive attraction we affirm our commitment to pursue one of our fundamental goals: to inform and raise public awareness of the need for species conservation.

Technical details

  • 64 two seater modules. Seats are premium standard with “Motion by D-Box” electric actuators and special effects in the armrests.
  • Special effects: wind, warm air, water jets, blast, leg ticklers, two different smells, vibrations.
  • Projector: 3D passive laser, 26000 lumens. 
  • Screen : Tilted 3D
  • Professional, 7.1 sound system.
  • LED lighting indicating seats
  • 4 wheelchair spaces with special effects.