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Sand tiger shark

Carcharias taurus


90 to 160 kg (5 to 9.5 lbs)


2 to 3.2 m
Oceans and seas
Central America and Caribbean



The sand tiger shark has a slender body. It is brown with sometimes darker spots. It has a pointed nose. Its two dorsal fins, of almost equal size, are broad and located toward the end of the body. 

Biology and ecology

During gestation, multiple embryos develop. The most mature one consumes all of the others in the litter, as well as the unfertilized eggs, which mom continues to produce. Because the uterus is divided in two, females can give birth to up to two babies, already measuring 1 m (more than 3 ft long)! This makes it possible to deliver bigger, hardier babies... but fewer in number.


The sand tiger shark is a victim of commercial and sport fishing.
Its meat is not eaten, but its fins can be sold.