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Guided Tour

At Marineland

Guided tour or practical workshops at the Marineland Animal Park

With the guided tour, an educator accompanies your class within the park to help you discover the most iconic marine species. Through explanations and answers to questions, you will learn all about these animals' way of life and the challenges they face in the wild.

You and your class can also participate in practical workshops in the new educational space. Over an hour, the educator will present the sea turtle "hospital" and the activities of the Marineland Association through hands-on activities and practical exercises for the students.

The guided tour of the park or the practical workshops are offered at €45 for the whole class, all of which is donated to the Marineland Association. Our team is also at your disposal to help you design a more in-depth project around the marine world, according to your needs and wishes for your students.

Duration: 1h - Group of 30 children maximum.


At Kid´s Island

Follow an animal guide who will answer all your questions about llamas, Poitou donkeys, lemurs, goats and their kids, etc.

All year round, only on days when the park is closed* to the public, excluding the annual closure of the park from 31 December 2016 to 3 February 2017.

Please note that this visit must be booked a minimum of 15 days in advance and is subject to availability.

Duration: Half day or NEW full day - Group of 30 children maximum
*refer to the KID'S ISLAND opening calendar available on

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