Currently, the Marineland exhibition space offers a retrospective called "Association Rhymes with Protection", a unique opportunity to discover, through a series of images, the activities of charitable associations involved in protecting marine wildlife.
Charitable associations are very often involved in protecting people, the environment and plant and wildlife. Through this photo gallery, we would like to share this commitment on the part of these associations to the preservation of the oceans and its wildlife.

You will learn about specific and diverse projects, such as:

  • the rehabilitation of sea turtles found in difficulty;
  • the awareness-raising amongst users of our Mediterranean sea to the beauty of its microfauna;
  • the activities carried out here - at Marineland - to take care of down-below – the Arctic; and
  • the preservation of the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal to guarantee it a more peaceful future.

These charities exist thanks to volunteers who offer their time, their knowledge and their inexhaustible energy...

The Charities

Marineland Association

Through its ObsTortueMed programme, the Marineland Association is committed to supporting the National Stranding Network (R.T.M.M.F., Réseau Tortues Marines de Méditerranée Française) in preserving sea turtles. There are seven species of sea turtles in the world, 3 of which are regularly found in the western Mediterranean: the Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), the Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) and the Green turtle (Chelonia mydas).


Association les Aquanautes

This association brings together underwater explorers. It is the result of the desire to bring together the skills of people who have a common passion for the sea and the desire to share it. It is based in Antibes, in the Alpes-Maritimes region in the south of France. The majority of the active members are underwater photographers who use diving as a means of exploring the ocean floor. They are the observers, the witnesses, of a world yet to be discovered.


Polar Bear International

"Polar Bear International"is recognised as a leading advocate for the protection of polar bears and the Arctic sea ice on which they depend for food. This NGO is familiar with the habits, ecology and threats facing the world's largest carnivore. Through science, popular science and the media, it engages the public regarding the Arctic, the threats to its future and the link between this remote region and our global climate.


Parques Reunidos Foundation

The Parques Reunidos Foundation's objective is to contribute to the creation of a more charitable society that allows vulnerable communities with special needs easy access to the educational and entertaining experiences organised at Parques Reunidos, but also to work towards the preservation of biodiversity by supporting scientific research and promoting sustainable development.


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