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A unique summer experience in France

Dolphin and seal lagoon

Marineland offers an underwater view of the dolphins, with an uninterrupted view of the cetaceans and seals through the panoramic window. This change offers visitors the opportunity to extend their zoological experience during the summer period by becoming even more privileged observers of the dolphins' daily lives. The So lagoon restaurant, with its original setting, is still the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing lunch with a breathtaking view of the turquoise waters of the lagoon and the dolphins!

Take your time in front of the panoramic windows to witness their many social interactions and scenes of life. You'll have the chance to meet our animal handlers, professionals who are passionate about the marine world and always ready to answer your questions about the animals and their job.

Seals, an equally unforgettable encounter...

During your visit to the lagoon, you will meet the marine calf seal (Phoca Vitulina)! A little-known species of French fauna which is nonetheless worth a visit.

These mammals spend most of their time in the water. You will therefore have every chance of seeing them swimming just a few centimetres away from you. Their whiskers, called vibrissae, are real prey detectors. They are able to hunt from the age of about 2 months. Their large black eyes allow them to move around in very murky water, but they are also adapted to the sea water of the pond. They are gregarious and live in colonies but have no social structure.

Did you know?

The apnea capacity of the seal is amazing... up to 30 minutes!  This allows them to sleep on the seabed... and thus protect themselves from potential predators.

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