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Kid's Island: our playground!

Discover our children's park!

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Discover all our rides and attractions

The soul of the park is the water rides, the slides, the sun and a lot of fun. 

Come and see what's in store for you... Here are some of the rides, so you can choose the ones that will thrill you most. 


- Climb 12.5 m to slide down the Rainbow Cannons 

- Get into the Slide Winder floats for a 10 m descent 

- On the Lazy River, the little ones can drift along on floats following the flow of the current. 

- At the Lagoon, enjoy the sun and let the water rock you 

- With Turbolance, two people can go for a 100 m ride 

- For the die-hards, it is possible to do Aquadance in the wave pool 

All this and more... So are you ready for some fun? 

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