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Mediterranean sea turtles
Mediterranean turtles - Marineland Association

Mediterranean sea turtles

The Mediterranean is a rich and abundant sea that provides a habitat for a wide variety of life forms. This fauna would not be complete if we did not mention marine reptiles: turtles 

Opérations Antib'lastique - Marineland

The Association organizes beach cleanings to educate the general public about the preservation of the coastline, fighting pollution.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The Association created the "Wildlife Rehabilitation Center" dedicated to the safeguarding of sea turtles found injured or stranded. Supported and cared for by a specialized team, turtles are released at sea as soon as their condition allows. This preservation effort takes place under the control of the RTMMF (Network of Mediterranean Sea Turtles), and the establishment is located at the Espace Mer and Littoral of Antibes Juan les Pins.