Visiting with my school


If you want to visit Marineland with your class…

Take advantage of the educational sessions on offer all day long!

On offer: a variety of educational entertainment, animal feeding time with comments, and special question/answer sessions around the pools with animals and their keepers!

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Youth Section

Rencontre avec les dauphins...
Youth Section
To help you prepare your day, download the education sheets: 12 sheets to back up the visit, together with a question and answer game!

These sheets will help you to learn more about the themes discussed during your visit: the concept of biodiversity, whale conservation, the biology of penguins, killer whales and all species present at Marineland.

These cards include a question and answer games which makes the visit interactive with your students

Coming as a group

Many of you have come to visit us at the Marineland Space and we thank you warmly!

This year, we once again hope to satisfy all your curiosity and show you new and even more spectacular delights!

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Christmas Outings 2010

Come and celebrate your 2011 Christmas Outing as a group
All formulas include the essentials:
- Admission to the park with all the shows scheduled for the day 
- the Christmas Story in the large auditorium
- The special Christmas dolphin show
- Free parking
Choose the one that suits your group best.

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Presales for Works Councils

Presales for Works Councils
Order undated tickets at group rates and come as an individual family when it suits you.

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